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The call for papers is now open. We will be seeking proposals from all jurisdictions about cutting-edge legal technology topics, including: 

  • AI and Intellectual Property
  • Cyber-security in Asia
  • Crypto Currency Trends and Pitfalls
  • Regulation of Social Media
  • Is Big Tech too big – Competition Law and its Impact
  • The rise of fake news regulation and challenges facing Government regulation
  • Advanced Software Licensing Issues
  • Virtual Banking – becoming all too real today?

Submit now!

More than 100 delegates, from more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas will attend. More than 50% of our attendees are at the level of Partner or above in their firms and they come to ITechLaw for the interjurisdictional approach that our sessions offer. When putting in a proposal to speak, please remember these details and know that our attendees are sophisticated and know the fundamentals - your proposal should move beyond basic topics and include new or different knowledge. 

We look forward to receiving your proposal by Friday 16 August.

2020 International Asia-Pacific Conference