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Leadership in Action and Engagement

Ambassador Program

ITechLaw is excited to launch a new program intended to leverage the experience and capabilities of many longstanding ITechLaw contributors – former members of ITechLaw’s Board who have completed their Board of Director term limits and otherwise have supported ITechLaw’s mission through extensive donations of their time and energy. In appreciation of prior service as a full-term Director, anyone who meets the requirements of an ITechLaw Ambassador and would like to serve in this role is invited to contact Emily Burch, ITechLaw’s Managing Director by no later than March 15 of each calendar year.

This program is open to all ITechLaw members who currently meet eligibility requirements and will be refreshed on an annual basis in order to add newly qualifying members as they complete their tenure on the Board.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, a member will be required to have completed the following four prerequisites: 

  • Served the full six (6) year maximum term on the Board of Directors.
  • Actively participated in one or more ITechLaw committees during their tenure as a member of ITechLaw.
  • Actively participated in at least three (3) conferences or webinar panels.
  • Attended at least six past conferences.

Obligations of the Ambassador Position

In order to serve in this role, each Ambassador will commit and thereafter shall:

  • Act as a goodwill ambassador at ITechLaw events, and as such, attend at least two conferences annually.
  • ​Agree to be a positive reflection of ITechLaw’s culture.
  • Wear a name tag identifying their status at ITechLaw conferences and other events, and actively seek to explain the benefits and values of ITechLaw to new attendees.
  • Liaise with each conference’s local planning committee to assist with such conference as and when required or otherwise requested.
  • Participate in an “Ambassadors Committee” in order to connect online and discuss issues of importance – for example, in connection with expanding ITechLaw membership, sponsorship, etc. with the primary purpose of supporting ITechLaw’s Executive Committee and Board.
  • Serve as intelligence providers, in that each Ambassador shall seek and welcome honest comments about ITechLaw, including regarding its events, benefits, and other matters, which members and non-members alike bring to their attention and, via one or two Ambassadors appointed on a rotating basis by Ambassador Committee, report this information back to the President (absent specific names unless otherwise agreed with the commenting member/nonmember).
  • Working via one or two Ambassadors appointed on a rotating basis by the Ambassador Committee, act as Board liaisons to communicate intelligence and perspectives to the ExCom through the President, including the results of the Ambassador meetings, the success of the Ambassador program, and how the Ambassador program can be of further service.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact Emily Burch, Managing Director.


  • Eugene Weitz, Co-Chair
  • Charles Mudd, Co-Chair
  • Peter Brown
  • Philip Catania
  • Kevin Erdman
  • Doron Goldstein
  • Truiken Heydn
  • Sheena Jacob
  • Bradley Joslove
  • Jeremy Morton
  • Rory Radding
  • Ira Schwartz
  • Jessica Franken
  • Dimitri Timmer