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2019 International Asia Conference
Thursday, January 31, 2019

09:50 to 10:20

Keynote Address

10:25 to 11:40

Re-imagining Intermediary Liability in the Age of Fake News, Hate Speech, and Information Wars

  • The changing concept of intermediaries
  • New Developments and the global trend to regulate intermediaries
  • The case for safe harbours
  • Fake News: Where does Due Diligence end
  • Transparency, bad actors and content selection: Defining the limits of editorial control
  • Government control: Chilling effect on Free Speech
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12:00 to 13:00

Data Fiduciary: A Bold New Idea in the Big Data World

The panel will discuss the concept of a data fiduciary in the data Protection Bill 2018 and balancing commercial realities and interests of Data Fiduciaries and Data Principal Rights over a range of concepts including Fair and Reasonable standards, Access and Portability, Harm and Accountability, the Right to be Forgotten, and impact on data intermediaries.

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Government - Rethingking the Role of Government in the Age of Big Data

Most Governments across the globe have been set up in the pre-digital era where practices and regulations have been based on either too little or too much control over its citizens and business. With the advent of big data and governance techniques, is it possible to rethink the role of governments in societies and business? Reactive and consultative policy making using big data and the ability to change rulemaking itself.

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14:00 to 15:00

FinTech in Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and China

This session will cover business trends and regulations governing including P2P Lending, Payment Data and the rights-based approach, account aggregators, status of cryptocurrencies, and regulating cryptocurrencies.

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Policy and Regulatory Challenges for the Future of Mobility

A panel will cover urban mobility, ride sharing, drones, autonomous, EVs and alternate modes of Transport. The panel will discuss liability and privacy issue relating to Autonomous transportation, the changing the stance of government on EVs, and how EV adoption can be fostered. 

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15:15 to 16:15

Changing IP landscape in eCommerce and Impact on Intermediaries

A Panel will analyse key issues surrounding competition in the tech sector, including the algorithmic collusion, data-driven models versus traditional models, etc. by looking at industries such as ridesharing, online advertising, and e-commerce.

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16:20 to 16:50

Data Sovereignty vs. Free Data: A Debate on Data Localization

16:50 to 17:35

General Counsel Forum

17:40 to 18:40

I-WIN: Women in Tech

Friday, February 1, 2019

08:15 to 09:15

In-House Counsel Breakfast Meeting

09:15 to 09:55

Talk on Artificial Intelligence

10:00 to 11:15

OTT: Is Convergence a Reality or an Excuse to Regulate

The Panel starts with the fundamental question of whether there is a need to regulate OTT content and services and goes on to discuss the irrelevance of existing regulations and how old telecom and media regulations need to be reimagined.  Convergence is the need of the hour with overregulated traditional content/telecom sector.

Is convergence a reality or is it an excuse to regulate?

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11:15 to 12:15

Policy Making for the Emerging Tech in India

The panel will discuss few topics which saw deep regulatory engagement or lack of it including drones, e-pharmacy regulations, social media. etc. They will discuss key issues relating to how startups can influence policy decisions, should GCs wear a policy hat and how to get the government to sit and take note of emerging technologies.

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12:20 to 13:20

Invest in Asia: A Panel on Trends, Challenges, and Developments in M&As in the Tech Sector in the Asian Markets

14:20 to 15:00

Internet of Humans to Internet of Things

15:05 to 15:35

Regulating DNA Technology

Key challenges in regulating DNA technology, splicing, and data.

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15:50 to 16:50

Communications Panel: Rethinking Existing Licensing Frameworks and New Challenges

  • Telecom regulation over consumer internet
  • Rethinking policy for 5G adoption
  • Liberalising the devices market
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16:50 to 17:15

Tech in Law