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The Startups Committee is thrilled to introduce the first edition of the ITechLaw Startup Legal Playbook: A Quick Reference Guide to International Market Entry for Startups (and Their Lawyers).

This Playbook aims to provide startup founders and lawyers with a concise guide to key issues in foreign jurisdictions. The Playbook was created to help triage important issues and enable better risk assessment and questioning. Its many authors are ITechLaw lawyers from around the world experienced in working with startups. The Playbook is broken into chapters by country.

This publication is a result of the Startups Committee of the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw). Initially discussed in 2020 during the pandemic, the committee developed foundational questions and collaborated with colleagues worldwide to create country-specific chapters. We are grateful for the overwhelming response and currently provide detailed chapters for thirty-nine countries. Future editions aim to include more countries, updates to reflect changing laws, and expanded questions covering specific industries and regulatory regimes. We welcome contributions for countries not listed and ideas for future expansions, please contact us for more information. We encourage you to share the playbook with clients and colleagues. We hope you find the following chapters helpful in your pursuit of global success.

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Startup Legal Playbook