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Latin America Membership Committee

The mission of the Latin America Membership Committee is to develop and foster a dialogue and encourage members of the Latin American region to interact as a member with other ITechLaw Committees, as well as the broader legal community on matters of common interest, including the identification of IT significant developments in the region and reporting them to the different and corresponding Substantive Law Committees.

To that end, the Latin America Membership Committee will be responsible for organizing and promoting regional networking events.
In addition, the Latin America Membership will also assist in the recruitment of new members to the ITechLaw Association, specifically from lawyers and professionals in the Latin American region, in close contact with the Membership Committee and the different Local Representatives in the region. If you are an ITechLaw member, view the community page for more details.

If you're an ITechLaw member, view the Member Center Community Page for more details.

Oscar Montezuma
Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri
Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri
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