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Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework

Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework
Public Comment Period Now Open

An in-depth review of the eight policy principles related to ethical guideposts that encourage the responsible development, deployment, and use of artificial intelligence.

The publication serves as a call to action by launching an initial public comment period open to all stakeholders worldwide who are willing to provide feedback and ideas on ways to strengthen these first-version core policy principles.

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A multi-disciplinary group of 54 technology law experts, researchers and industry representatives from 16 countries developed this detailed actionable framework and are seeking public comments to create an updated version. The book covers these principles in detail:


  • Ethical Purpose and Societal Benefit
  • Accountability
  • Transparency and Explainability
  • Fairness and Non-discrimination
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Open Data and Fair Competition
  • Privacy
  • AI and Intellectual Property


  • Grounding the responsible AI framework in the human-centric principle of “accountability” that makes organizations developing, deploying, or using AI systems accountable for harm caused by AI;
  • Promoting a context-sensitive framework for transparency and explainability;
  • Elaborating the notion of elegant failure, as well as revisiting the “tragic choices” dilemma;
  • Supporting open-data practices that help encourage AI innovation while ensuring reasonable and fair privacy, consent, and competitiveness; and
  • Encouraging responsible AI by design.