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I-WIN (Women’s International Network) Committee

The I-WIN Committee is designed to promote, support, and facilitate the unique interests and needs of women technology lawyers and leaders across all jurisdictions. I-WIN Committee acts as a platform for women lawyers to closely interact, learn, and grow. It aims at providing ample networking, educational, and career-boosting opportunities. Our members meet and discuss technology, law, business, policy, legal practice, share their exceptional experiences of being a woman lawyer, and promote each other for their business opportunities, which is why we are one of the most successful networks within ITechLaw. Furthermore, over the past years, I-WIN has successfully endeavored to increase women member representation in ITechLaw across jurisdictions and continuously strives to recruit new members from the existing membership pool and the legal community at large. All women and men who support the advancement of women and believe in equality are welcome to join I-WIN Committee and actively participate in the Committee’s workings. If you are an ITechLaw member and want to learn more about the IWIN Committee, view the community page for more details.


Chair, I-WIN Committee

Hélène Deschamps Marquis

Canada / Montréal
Deloitte Legal Canada LLP
Vice Chair, I-WIN Committee

Arya Tripathy

PSA Legal
Past Chair, I-WIN Committee

Carmen De la Cruz

Axians Schweiz AG