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FinTech in Latin America

The financial sector has been disrupted by technological advancements which have given rise to new tools that provide simpler solutions for customers and investors alike. In this way, FinTech,  has given rise to new services and business models for well-established financial institutions, while also opening the financial market for newcomers. Even when technological innovation and finance have been historically intertwined, investment in new technologies and the pace of innovation has exponentially increased in recent years. For instance, nowadays we make payments, transfer money and make investments using mobile technology that was not there a couple of years ago. Even though FinTech provides us with novel and exciting solutions, it also presents us with new challenges from a regulatory, data protection, consumer and investor perspective, with the looming risk of the ever present cyberattacks. Even if these new technological and financial developments raise a number of legal, regulatory and policy issues, FinTech has the potential of creating greater financial inclusion and might even become a facilitator for opening the financial markets across Latin America.