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Conference Agenda

2018 Asia Pacific Conference Agenda

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

13:00 to 17:00

Digital Byte: Meet Asia's Disruptors

Mayer Brown JSM offices, Prince Building, 18th Floor

All activities on Wednesday, including registration, are at Mayer Brown JSM offices, Prince Building 18th Floor. These activities are open to all attendees

This session features start-up companies each making a short business/fundraising pitch and answering quick questions from the audience. The audience will be able to select their favorite startups and ‘invest’ in them. Multiple accelerators will be in the room to provide feedback and identify the key elements they are listening for in a pitch. Participating companies include:

  • Belun Technology: Makers of wearable medical grade devices that allow users to pre-screen, manage and prevent sleep, respiratory and cardiovascular related diseases at home.
  • Datum Limited: Provides a decentralized marketplace utilizing blockchain ledger technology for users to share or sell social and IoT Data
  • FeedMeGuru: An online booking platform that provides unique dining experiences in Hong Kong.
  • Heraleto (Well-Being Digital): World's first AI-assisted earphone that helps users assess and reduce stress, or to find the right motivational tracks to fuel a workout.
  • Honestbee: Premier online grocery concierge and delivery service.
  • Kristal.AI: Investment strategies based on proprietary AI-based advisory.
  • QuickDesk: A simplified Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software optimised for sales teams and professionals.
  • Reboot.AI: Premier data solutions provider, offering courses, training and consulting services relating to Data Economy's key technologies (Internet of Things, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning).
  • Opporty

17:00 to 18:30

Opening Reception at the Mayer Brown JSM Offices

Mayer Brown JSM offices, Prince Building, 18th Floor

Thursday, March 8, 2018

09:00 to 09:20

Keynote: The Future of Technology in Asia

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

Tim Steinert, General Counsel, Alibaba

09:20 to 10:45

How Intelligent Are We?

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

Helping to distinguish the hype from reality, this panel will examine where AI is today and what lies on the horizon. During this lively, interactive panel discussion, moderator Charles Morgan will interview his distinguished panelists from Google, Thomson Reuters and Swinburne Law School about AI’s potentially transformative effects, not only in terms of how the practice of law will be altered by AI-enhanced tools, but also how the increasingly pervasive use of AI-enabled products and services will result in a series of thorny legal issues.  In this context, the panel will also explore the potential need for a proactive approach to the development of some core legal, policy and ethical principles applicable to AI (such as fairness, inclusiveness, transparency, privacy and security) that will serve to reinforce the positive potential of AI, while guarding against some of AI’s more menacing threats.

  • Charles Morgan, McCarthy Tetrault (Moderator)
  • Neil Sternthal, Thomson Reuters
  • Dan Hunter, Swinburne University Law School
  • Jake Lucchi, Google, Asia-Pac

Speaker bios

11:30 to 12:30

Going Digital

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

"Going Digital" What Does It Mean To You? In a lively discussion, this panel seeks to answer some of the following questions: 

  • Is "Digital" different? If so, how?
  • Are Laws and Regulations, as they exist today, able to support a society that is largely digital and data-driven?
  • What are the implications on Consumer protection, and Consumer Consent on Digital trade terms and conditions?
  • Is there a role for Privacy in the Digital Age?
  • What is the role of Cryptography in the Digital social contract
    • Chris Perera, AT&T Asia Pacific (Moderator)
    • Stephen Mathias, Kochhar & Co.
    • Fiona Phillips, HSBC
    • Kelly McFadzien, Chapman Tripp
    • Pindar Wong, Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd

Speaker bios

15:30 to 17:00

FinTech and RegTech – Navigating the Latest Trends and Challenges

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

The adoption of new technological innovations by financial institutions has created a new buzz word “FinTech”. A myriad of regulatory challenges have not been far behind and new solutions to address regulatory challenges, known as RegTech, are emerging. This panel will take a brief look back at the history of financial technology and innovation as well as recent emerging trends and technologies that are beginning to change the landscape of  financial services. How can risks resulting from the adoption of new tech innovations be managed ? What are some of the legal , regulatory and commercial issues that need to be taken into account? What are some of the specific legal issues in fintech projects in Europe and elsewhere in Asia?

  • Andras Gurovits, Niederer Kraft & Frey (Moderator)
  • Jonathan Fairtlough, Kroll
  • Nick Beckett, CMS China
  • Oliver Yaros, Mayer Brown
  • Michael Wong, IBM Global Business Services

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19:00 to 23:00

Gala Reception and Dinner, China Club

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

Black-tie recommended, ticketed event 

13:30 to 15:00

The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

The sophistication and potential impact of cyber attacks are on the rise and regulators in the APAC region continue to focus attention to enhance cyber resilience and accountability for cyber security. In this panel, we will cover the latest legal developments in data protection and cyber security in Hong Kong as well as looking at different perspectives and responses to a cyber attack. Mr Stephen Wong, Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data will provide a regulators perspective, whilst others on the panel will discuss the legal, forensics and public relations response and considerations.

  • Anna Gamvros, Norton Rose Fulbright (Moderator)
  • Stephen Kai-yi Wong, Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
  • Elaine Lim, AIG
  • Laura Tyson, Fleishman Hillard
  • Brian Wilson, KPMG

Speaker bios

Friday, March 9, 2018

07:45 to 08:45

I-WIN Committee Breakfast Meeting

Mayer Brown JSM Offices, Floor 18

Featuring Barbara Navarro, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for Asia Pac, Russia and Middle East and Africa at Google

I-WIN meeting is at the Mayer Brown JSM Offices, Floor18. This is open to all attendees

Speaker Bios

09:00 to 10:30

Content is King?

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

The session begins with key issues concerning content itself, the nature of content, its availability and accessibility. This ranges from descriptions of new technological platforms through which content may be accessed, in particular illegally, fake news and conflict between laws and decisions of different jurisdictions concerning content and its accessibility. Having set the scene for these issues the panel will consider, inter alia, to what extent value lies in content itself or whether it is something else about the content that is important, the management and verification of the integrity of content and the extent to which access to content should and could be controlled. It is hoped that conference attendees will participate in the discussion with the panel.

  • Julian Potter, WP Thompson (Moderator)
  • Peter Ruby, Goodmans
  • John Medeiros, Cable, Satellite and Broadcasting Association Asia (CASBAA)
  • Rahul Matthan, Trilegal

Speaker bios

11:00 to 12:30

All You Ever Wanted to Know About China but were Too Afraid to Ask

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

Labelled as an emerging technology superpower, China's thirst for technologies & innovations sees no abating. Nevertheless, with a challenging regulatory and legal system and complex government policies, there remains certain hidden (and occasionally not so hidden) obstacles which can easily make or break a company's success in this market. With a panel of seasoned advisors, we hope to guide you through some of these obstacles, such as foreign investment restrictions, permitting requirements, IP protection and data protection, if China is your or your client's next destination. 

  • Michelle Chan, Bird & Bird (Moderator)
  • Dennis Cai, DOT Trademark
  • Elaine Ann, Kaizor Innovation
  • Sheng Huang, Covington & Burling

Speaker Bios

13:30 to 15:00

Developments in E-Health and Health Technology

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

Rapid technological advances have brought about many benefits but they have also enabled a keener attention to welfare and health. E-health now a booming field is also a minefield when it comes to data protection issues. What does the future of healthcare hold for us all? What are the challenges of a border-less healthcare eco-system? How can they be navigated at every stage and level, and how can companies adapt so as to fulfill patients/customers’ expectations while staying within the narrow confines of the law? How can companies provide e-healthcare to patients located in Europe given the requirements of GDPR? What are some of the best practices that the healthcare industry should consider in light of this new regulation and the IT security requirements (article 32 of the GDPR)?  What issues should companies consider in Asia? Selecting as an example the Singapore domestic regulation the panel will  look at the eventual additional  domestic legal duties in an Asian context.”

  • Claire Bernier, ADSTO (Moderator)
  • Sigal Atzmon, Medix
  • Peter Huppertz, Hoffmann Liebs Fritsch & Partner
  • Sheena Jacob, JurisAsia LLC

Speaker bios

15:20 to 16:50

Startups: In Search of the Unicorns

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Floor 1

This panel includes a discussion of legal issues and practical issues facing startup companies. The panel discusses legal and compliance issues for startup businesses in the Asia Pacific area, issues related to obtaining investment capital and growth issues faced by startup companies as they expand. The panelists have expertise in guiding startup businesses through the initial phases of growth, including risk management, securing capital across borders, creating systems for legal support, and commercializing disruptive technologies. The panel also comments on typical consumer issues faced by growing businesses and strategies for dealing with competition.

  • Phil Catania, Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Moderator)
  • Gladys Chun, Lazada Group
  • Siddharth Rao, Sequoia Capital
  • Julius Wang, Reylabs
  • Knut Fournier, GoBee.Bike

Speaker bios

18:00 to 20:00

Closing Reception

Mezcalito, 27/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong