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Survey Answer:

Data subjects have the right to receive specific information on the collection of their personal data. Specially, before personal data may be collected, the data subject must be informed in an express, accurate, and unambiguous manner of:
(i) The purpose for which the data will be processed and the possible recipients or class of recipients of the same;
(ii) The existence of the database, electronic or of any other kind, and the identity and address of the data controller;
(iii) The compulsory or optional nature of the responses to the questionnaire that is provided to the data subject, especially in regard to sensitive data;
(iv) The consequences of providing data and the refusal to do so or of providing inaccurate data; and
(v) The potential for exercising data subjects’ rights of access, rectification, suppression, inclusion, and deletion of their personal data.

Provided By:
Martin Pesce, Ferrere Abogados