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Under Data Protection Law the judicial measure that data subjects may take is the Habeas Data action.
Anyone is entitled to take legal action to have access to personal data related to him or her regardless of whether the data are held in public or private databases. Anyone also has the right to know the purpose and use of these data, and if the data are erroneous, false, or prohibited, the right to demand their correction, inclusion, or deletion.
Data Protection Law establishes that data subjects may bring action for the protection of personal data or habeas data, against any data controller of a public or private database, when they want to have access to their personal information and such access is denied, or was not provided by the data controller on the occasion and within the term established by law (five working days), or when having requested to have their information be corrected, updated, removed, or deleted, such request was not complied with in the term established to this effect by law
In addition, other judicial measures of the general regime can also be taken by the data subject (such as the action for damages).

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Martin Pesce, Ferrere Abogados