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United Arab Emirates

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UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 (“Penal Code”) contains the following prohibitions:
Article 379: […] Any individual who, by reason of his profession, craft, circumstance or art is entrusted with a secret [not defined in the law] and who discloses it in cases other than those permitted by the law, or who uses it for his own advantage or another person's advantage, shall be [punished by imprisonment of at least one year and/or a fine of at least AED20,000] unless the individual to whom the secret pertains has consented that it be disclosed or used.
Article 380 bis: Detention shall be inflicted upon whoever unrightfully copies, distributes or provides another person with the content of a phone call or message or information or data or any other such things that he examines by virtue of his profession.
Article 380 (bis) is broader than Article 379, which applies specifically to ‘secrets’. (There is no judicial guidance on what is meant by ‘secret’ in this context.) Article 380 (bis), on its face, applies to information and data more generally, and not to ‘secrets’ per se.

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