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As stated above, there is no law setting forth any standards for either civil or criminal law which has an impact on IT-security matters. Still, upon examination of all mentioned legislation, it can be concluded that the rationale lying behind all of these provisions are commonly related to international human rights which are also stipulated under the Constitution of the Turkish Republic.
The legal rationale lying behind all legislation mentioned above relates to property and privacy rights regulated explicitly under the Constitution. All IT systems are subject to authorization and limitations drawn for the proprietor in terms of not only classic property rights but also intellectual property rights. In addition, data privacy is regulated as a constitutional right.
Further, as a final note, it should be added that all legislation mentioned above is aimed at securing privacy, integration and accessibility of the information existing in all oral, written and electronic platforms. In other words, as a common standard, by threat of sanctions, the purpose is that the information is not accessed, amended, stored, recorded and/or disclosed by unauthorized persons but that it is protected, accessed and usable only by the authorized persons.

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Ugur Aktekin, Begum Okumus, Elif Melis Ozsoy: GUN+PARTNERS