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National Computer Emergency Response Center (USOM, TR-CERT) has established within Information and Communication Technologies Authority in order to specify threats against Turkey’s cyber security, take measures for reducing or elimination of the impact of likely cyber attacks and share information with the defined actors. USOM, provides coordination with public institutions and individuals for detection and removal of cyber threats by evaluating national and international incident reports.
Further, in accordance with the Additional Article 1 of the Electronic Communication Law, a Cyber Security Board was established in order to determine cyber security measures to be taken in accordance with the current legislation, to confirm prepared plans, program, principles and procedures and standards, and to ensure implementation and coordination thereof.
The Cyber Security Board prepared the National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan with the coordination of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications and the participation of government agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The main purposes that are aimed to be realized are the ensuring of the security of services, transactions and data on the information technologies systems of public institutions and organizations; the ensuring of the security of the information technologies of critical infrastructures operated by the government and the private sector; and the preparing of a strategy and an action plan for keeping the impact of cyber incidents at the lowest level and for recovering effected systems.
Therefore, it can be anticipated that more detailed legislation is underway, which calls for the Turkish legal system to be watched more closely in the coming days with regard to IT-security matters.

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Ugur Aktekin, Begum Okumus, Elif Melis Ozsoy: GUN+PARTNERS