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Under the TCC, there is a specific section regulating offenses related to Information Technologies. However, there are also some other provisions where certain offenses can be initiated through information technologies and also some offenses are defined as qualified when initiated through information technologies and thus entails heavier sanctions.
TCC stipulates the following offenses in the field of Information Systems:
Article 243 (entering into information technology systems): Unlawfully entering /accessing information systems and remaining within is punishable by imprisonment up to one year or punitive fines.
Article 244: Hindering or destroying the operation of an information system is punishable by imprisonment from one year to five years. Deletion and alteration of data within an information system, as well as preventing access to data, installing data in the system or sending the available data to other places is punishable by imprisonment from six months to three years. In case the offense is initiated on banks of public bodies’ systems, sanctions are increased.
Article 245: Improper use of bank or credit cards belonging to another person without their consent is punishable by imprisonment from three years to six years, and also punitive fines.

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Ugur Aktekin, Begum Okumus, Elif Melis Ozsoy: GUN+PARTNERS