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There is no specific legislation regarding cybercrime in Sweden. However, two various acts of cybercrime are covered by the Swedish Penal Code:
Unauthorized data access
The act is criminalized by the provision of unauthorized data access which constitutes of some-one (i) unlawfully (ii) prepares access to (iii) data intended for automated treatment or unlaw-fully (iv) changes, (v) extinguishes, (vi) blocks (vii) seriously impedes or disturb, or (viii) in a rec-ord insert such data.
Computer Fraud
The act is criminalized by the provision of computer fraud which constitutes of someone (i) providing incorrect or incomplete data, by changing a program or recording or otherwise un-lawfully affecting the result of an automatic information processing or similar automatic pro-cess, (ii) in a way that results in a financial benefit for him and harm for someone else.

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Jörgen Axelsson: Setterwalls Advokatbyrå Stockholm AB