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There is no specific legislation regarding cybercrime in Sweden. However, two various acts of cybercrime are covered by the Swedish Penal Code:
Unauthorized data access
The act is criminalized by the provision of unauthorized data access which constitutes of someone (i) unlawfully (ii) prepares access to (iii) data intended for automated treatment or unlawfully (iv) changes, (v) extinguishes, (vi) blocks (vii) seriously impedes or disturb, or (viii) in a record insert such data.
Computer Fraud
The act is criminalized by the provision of computer fraud which constitutes of someone (i) providing incorrect or incomplete data, by changing a program or recording or otherwise unlawfully affecting the result of an automatic information processing or similar automatic process, (ii) in a way that results in a financial benefit for him and harm for someone else.

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Johanna Linder, Sara Andersson, Elin Holm, Pierre Olsson, and Isak Åberg: Advokatfirman Cederquist KB