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ATCO: The Oman Computer Emergency Readiness Team (OCERT) section of the ITA was launched in 2010 to study cyber threats and risks that could harm both public and private internet users in Oman. Oman is very active in the field of cyber security and has continuous audits and checks. It also compares itself to other countries to see how well-prepared it is. As part of its continuous effort in measuring the cyber security development in Oman, OCERT conducts national cybersecurity surveys at different levels. It also carries out cyber security audit and compliance against issued policies and framework.
Oman also has an agreement with Ernst and Young to conduct a benchmark exercise under the Global Information Security Survey (GISS). The GISS provides organizations with an opportunity to compare themselves with others on important information security issues and gain insights for making key decisions through questions relates to security budget, investments, security governance, security effectiveness, maturity of security programs, security environment, and emerging technologies and trends.
CBO has developed National Payment Systems and integrated such in to its financial stability objectives. Its Payment Settlement System is called Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS System) to which its Payments Clearing System sends Net Clearing Position (NCP) files. Operational and Business Continuity Risk are managed by CBO observance with the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructure (PFMI) minimum benchmarking. Payments systems are also subjected from time to time by International Monetary Fund (IMF) assessment under its Financial Sector Assessment Programme or GCC sponsored IMF Assessment.

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