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Survey Answer:

Data collector shall collect personal data based on certain provisions of the Mexican Constitution and on the Privacy Laws and their regulations.
Prior to the personal data collection process, data collector shall disclose a Privacy Notice to the data subject. Such Privacy Notice shall be prepared according to the provisions of Privacy Laws. Electronic, optical and other technological methods are acceptable for disclosing and/or accepting the Privacy Notice. Data subject’s consent is required for the personal data collection and shall be implied (when subject data has reviewed the Privacy Notice and has not opposed to it) or express (when data subject verbally or in written express his/her consent through electronic, optical and/or other technological means), depending on the type of data to be treated. Such consent may be revoked anytime according to the procedures and mechanics set forth in the Privacy Notice.

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Daniel Rodríguez Cardoso: Rodríguez Rueda S.C. / Gustavo Alcocer & Abraham Díaz: Olivares