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A relevant case decided by Mexican Courts, in connection with data privacy and the protection of personal information took place in the entertainment industry.
A so called social media journalist tried to get the spotlight on himself, by requesting Mexican DPA (INAI) to order INACINE, a government Institute aimed at fostering the production of national movie productions, through the grant of tax incentives, to render the information as to how said tax incentives were used by the producers of a Mexican Oscar award winning production.
Also, the “journalist” requested INAI, to order INACINE to provide the names of all the private entities and individuals who has supported the production of the above-mentioned film.
INACINE in compliance with INAI’s order then informed the movie producers that it would render the information requested by INAI. However, movie producers filed a constitutional rights action (Amparo law suit), against INAI’s order, alleging that while INACINE was authorized to provide any and all information regarding the tax incentives granted by INACINE, it could not provide any information regarding the private sponsors of a film, since that information should be deemed as PI that has to be protected.
Mexican Courts then ruled that movie producers were right, and that INACINE should not grant information regarding private sponsors of any movie production, thus setting an important precedent in the entertainment industry.

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Daniel Rodríguez Cardoso: Rodríguez Rueda S.C. / Gustavo Alcocer & Abraham Díaz: Olivares