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In the case of the cybersecurity rules set forth in Mexican Fintech Law, the Bank of Mexico and its various commissions are in charge of enforcing them. The commissions of the Bank of Mexico are entitled to impose fines derived of the infringements contemplated in the FINTECH Law.
However, the activities catalogued by the FINTECH Law as felonies, are the ones dealing with IT security, being the case that when dealing with illegal activities considered as criminal offenses, in Mexico, the Attorney’s General Office is the authority in charge of investigating and pursue them. If, as a result of the investigations conducted by the Attorney’s General Office, this authority deems that there are elements to purse a crime, it will formally request a Criminal Court to initiate a criminal proceeding, and this Court will be the one resolving the case.
However, so far in Mexico there are no specialized Courts in cybersecurity and cyber-crimes.

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Abraham Diaz Arceo: OLIVARES