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Mexican Courts are quickly becoming familiarized with data protection laws and privacy in general. Specially the Ministers of the Mexican Supreme Court are becoming very active in connection with privacy matters, which clearly shows the awareness gained in this field of law.
A very relevant judgment regarding data protection occurred in the years 2016 and 2017, when AT&T initially refused to deliver a user of a mobile line, information regarding the geo-position of its mobile line, which in accordance to the Federal Telecommunications Law has to be deemed as personal information.
AT&T delivered certain information regarding the mobile phone to the user, but not the information regarding the geo-position of the said mobile line. The user filed a complaint with INAI and INAI determined that AT&T had complied with the ARCO request of the user.
The user appealed this ruling with the FCAA and this Court ruled that INAI wrongfully determined that AT&T had provided the user all the information concerning his mobile line, thus revoking INAI’ ruling, ordering AT&T to provide the information requested by the user, and thus setting a very relevant precedent for users of mobile phones of any telecomm company operating in Mexico.

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Juan Daniel Rodriguez Cardoso, Rodriguez Rueda; Gustavo Alcocer & Abraham Diaz, Olivares