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The main authority responsible for overseeing IT-Security laws in Malaysia is the Malaysian Multimedia and Communication Commission ("MCMC").
The powers of the MCMC are derived from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 ("MCMCA") and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (“CMA”), where the MCMC has been tasked with the role to implement and promote the Government's national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia sector.
MCMC is empowered to investigate any matters pertaining to the administration of the CMA or its subsidiary legislation if (i) the Minister directs MCMC to conduct an investigation into any civil or criminal offences relating the CMA and/or any of its subsidiary laws; or (ii) the MCMC has grounds to believe that a civil or criminal offence under the CMA and/or its subsidiary legislation was, is or will be committed. The MCMC may conduct an investigation on a matter referred to above upon a written complaint by any person.
The MCMC is further empowered to, amongst others:
• implement and enforce the CMA, as well as any other relevant communications and multimedia laws;
• consider and recommend reforms to the communications and multimedia laws;
• supervise and monitor communications and multimedia activities;
• search and seize either with or without warrant for the purpose of investigations;
• seal premises or equipment;
• be given access to computerised data, whether encrypted or not;
• require production of computers, books, accounts, etc.;
• require attendance and examination of person acquainted with the case.
In addition to the above, cybersecurity in Malaysia is also overseen by several governmental agencies, including CyberSecurity Malaysia (a governmental agency under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation), which has been tasked with the role of monitoring national e-security, and providing specialised cybersecurity services.

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