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Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) is the most important Authority for the Italian privacy law. Since 1997, it has had a significant play- role, especially with activities like handling complaints; banning, in whole or in part, or order the restriction of the processing of personal data if the nature of such data or the mechanisms or effects of the processing may substantially affect data subjects
- The Article 7 of the Italian implementing Decree provides a list of Italian Ministries designated for each sector regulated by the NIS Directive- Article 8.
a) Ministry Economic development for the energy sector
b) Ministry of Infrastructures and transports for the ifrastructures
c) Ministry of Economics and finance for the bank sector and stock exchanges
d) Ministry of Health for the healthcare sector
e) Ministry of Environment for the environmental sector
All of Ministries will be in charge to control, monitor and regulate the implementing legislation and to keep uptodated this innovative regulation.

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