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There is an italian no- profit organsation called CLUSIT – Italian Association for the Cybersecurity, which is composed with several figures of professionalisms involved in the IT security sector (lawyers, as well as engineers and managers). Every year components organise a summit and draw up an annual report about overviews and outlooks on IT security activities in Italy and Europe.
CLUSIT is a no profit organisation with several tasks:
- to spread the cybersecurity- culture in companies, Institutions and citizens;
- to participate in the debates on law-making activities through hearings at the italian Parliament and European Institutions;
- to contribute to set up educational paths in order to define certifications for different professionists working in the IT security sector;
- to raise the attention about the use of methodologies and technologies which are able to improve IT security level of different situations (private citizens, companies, Insistitutiosn, associations, and so on).
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