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According to the Data Protection General Law:
-Blocking of personal data
-Deletion of personal data
Art. 52. Data processing agents that commit infractions of the rules provided in this Law are subject to the following administrative sanctions, to be applied by the national authority:
I – warning, with an indication of the time period for adopting corrective measures;
II – simple fine of up to two percent (2%) of a private legal entity’s, group or conglomerate revenues in Brazil, for the prior financial year, excluding taxes, up to a total maximum of fifty million reais (R$ 50,000,000.00) per infraction; III – daily fine, subject to the total maximum referred to in Item II; IV – publicizing of the infraction once it has been duly ascertained and its occurrence has been confirmed; V – blocking of the personal data to which the infraction refers to until its regularization; VI – deletion of the personal data to which the infraction refers to;

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