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Center for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB)
The CCB is a national authority created in July 2015 and is under the authority of the Prime Minister. The CCB organizes cyber security trainings, awareness campaigns and has written an online reference guide on both basic prevention and advanced action regarding cyber security. The CCB supervises and coordinates the implementation of the national cyber security strategy. The CCB further ensures the coordination of the concerned services, the public authorities and the private and scientific sector. It also proposes legal or regulatory adjustments. With the Governmental Crisis Cooperation Center, the CCB manages cyber crises. It elaborates and publishes standards, directives and security measures for the various computing systems used by administrations and public bodies. It also informs and raises awareness of the users of ICT systems. In order to be able to alert all critical infrastructures of new cyber threats in a rapid and standardized manner, the CCB created a so-called 'Early Warning' system consisting of a shared platform to publish cyber threat alerts and exchange information. Finally, the CCB ensures the follow up of the various international obligations and presents the national point-of-view for cyber security matters.
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
The CERT is a federal, but neutral, cyber emergency team placed under the guidance of the CCB since January 2017. Its goal is to prevent and minimize cyber incidents. The CERT is currently growing and, starting from the second half of 2018, the CERT will be available 24h/24 for companies and critical sectors to process demands in real time. Belgian companies and organizations can contact the CERT to report cyber incidents. As an internet specialist, the CERT is able to help companies and organizations with "the cooperation in event of cyber incidents”, it can “advise about finding a solution when cyber incidents arise” and “support to prevent these security incidents from occurring”. The CERT also coordinates the notification of the parties concerned. The support is free of charge and anonymity is guaranteed.

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Bastiaan Bruyndonckx (LYDIAN) - Steven De Schrijver (ASTREA)