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The Electronic Communications Law envisages criminal sanctions for certain behaviors. For example, Article 145 punishes by a fine of fifty to fifty thousand euros (to be multiplied by 8) any operator that does not comply with Article 114 of the Electronic Communications Law, which provides that operators have to take appropriate technical and organizational security measures, taking into account the most recent technical possibilities, in order to manage the risk concerning their networks and/or services.
Pursuant to the Critical Infrastructures Law, the operator who does not comply with the internal security measures and the information exchange obligations commits an offence and can be sentenced to imprisonment of eight days to one month and/or a fine of twenty-six to ten thousand euros (to be multiplied by 8). The operator also commits an offence by willfully hindering or preventing an audit or inspection, refusing to provide information or providing incomplete or false information to the inspection service.

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Bastiaan Bruyndonckx (LYDIAN) - Steven De Schrijver (ASTREA)