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Pursuant to Article 420 of the Criminal Code, the person who opens a letter given to the postal services is punishable by imprisonment of eight days to one month and/or a fine of twenty-eight to two hundred euros (to be multiplied by 8).
Violating the secrecy of telecommunications, by intercepting or ordering to intercept, acknowledging, recording or ordering to record, or installing a device for this purpose, is considered an offence. This offence can be punished by imprisonment of six months to two years and/or a fine of two hundred to ten thousand euros (to be multiplied by 8). The intentional communication, detention or disclosure of communications or telecommunications of a third party, obtained illegally, or the use of such information, is also punishable. The use of a legally made recording with malicious intent or for the purpose of causing harm is punishable. Attempts to commit such offences are also punishable.
Any officer, public official, depositary or law enforcement officer who, illegally but on the occasion of the performance of his duties, with malicious intent or for the purpose of causing harm, uses a legally made record of private communications or telecommunications is punishable. The attempt to do so is also an offence.

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Bastiaan Bruyndonckx (LYDIAN) - Steven De Schrijver (ASTREA)