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In Argentina, the most comprehensive statutory regulation regarding the protection of personal data is Personal Data Protection Law No. 25,326 (“Data Protection Law”), which is regulated by Decree No. 1558/2002.
The Data Protection Law defines personal data as any kind of information referring to individu-als or legal entities, whether identified or identifiable. Therefore, the provisions of the Data Protection Law are also applicable to legal entities.
The main purposes of the Data Protection Law are to guarantee (i) the complete protection of personal data contained in files, records, databases, or other technical means aimed at provid-ing reports, whether they are public or private, and (ii) the rights to good reputation, privacy and access to information, in accordance with Section 43 of the Argentine National Constitution.
Both the Data Protection Law and Rule No. 11/2006 issued by the Data Protection Authority contain requirements in connection with personal data security.

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