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Survey Answer:

In connection with point 1.1, the information security committees of each national public entity created under the requirements of Administrative Decision No. 669/2004 of the President’s Chief of Staff Office, are the bodies responsible for monitoring compliance with the entity’s security policies.
Under Section 18.3.3 of the Model Policy, for example, infringements to the Model Policy shall:
(i) Be sanctioned in compliance with Law of Administrative Proceedings No. 19,549 and its Regulatory Decree No. 1,759 (which provides for fines, warnings, suspensions and exclusion from meetings).
(ii) Make the individual liable for damages, in the event that the misconduct leads to any material damage;
(iii) Make the individual liable to criminal proceedings, if the behavior is a crime under Argentine law.
Regarding point 1.2, the ICIC Program was designed mainly to foster cooperation, transparency, development and technical knowledge. It does not enforce any security regulations.

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Diego Fernandez: Marval, O´Farrell & Mairal