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Argentina has in place a National Program of Critical Information and Cybersecurity Infrastructure (“ICIC Program”, for its Spanish acronym). The ICIC Program was created in 2011 through Resolution No. 580/2011, and its goal is to promote the creation and adoption of specific regulatory frameworks promoting the identification and protection of strategic and critical infrastructures of the national public sector, inter-jurisdictional organizations, and civil and private organizations. The ICIC Program proposes achieving the collaboration of the public and private sectors in order to develop appropriate cybersecurity strategies and structures.
There are several different units within the ICIC Program. For instance, the Computer Emergency Response Team is a work group within the ICIC Program aimed at managing information received on cybersecurity threats and incidents, helping set organized and unified solutions and providing technical assistance. Another of the ICIC Program’s work groups is the Preventive Action Group, which monitors and analyses vulnerabilities on internet provided services as well as critical infrastructures in order to prevent and correct possible security breaches.

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