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Call for Proposals

Building on the great success at the 2022 World Technology Law Conference held in San Francisco, we invite you to submit proposals to speak at the 2023 World Technology Law Conference in Toronto, Canada. This conference boasts attendees from more than 40 countries and a forward-looking conversation on the most cutting-edge legal tech topics. Speaking at an ITechLaw conference is an honor, and the conference planning committee carefully considers all proposals to select the best for the conference. Please see the topics below and consider proposing one of these main areas. 

Submit Today! Deadline: Monday, 12 September 2022

If you are selected as a presenter, you will be asked to submit materials in advance of the conference. All presenters should assume that attendees have a working knowledge of the topic and should focus the presentation on the implications of the topic and what it means for lawyers in practice. Topics should have a broad appeal and involve engagement both for those in person and at their home computers. This conference is set to be an in-person event. All speakers should feel comfortable speaking in person.  


  • Present a Topic

Submit a proposal for a specific topic or subject matter that you would like to present. Each session will be assigned a moderator and the moderator will communicate with the presenters in advance of the conference to create a cohesive panel presentation. 

  • Idea for Topic or Theme

Submit a proposal for a topic or theme that you would like to see as a session. This proposal is for an entire session with multiple speakers. You do NOT have to know other speakers or subject matter experts for the proposed topic or theme. 

  • Workshop

Submit a proposal for an interactive, 40-minute workshop. These are great opportunities to share an idea or get creative juices flowing.


  • Firm and Presenter Limits:
    To maximize the overall number of views expressed during the conference, the Planning Committee will continue the practice to limit presenters to one per firm for the duration of the conference.
  • Individual Paper Submission:
    This proposal submission is intended for individual paper submissions; however, if you propose a panel you may still be considered depending upon the space available in our programming. Panel submissions with multiple presenters must not have duplicate representation from firms – see above, only one speaker per firm will be selected for the entirety of the conference.
  • Proposal Selection:
    More than 75 proposals are regularly received for consideration for each conference, so please understand that selecting panels is a difficult and highly selective process. Preference in selection will be given to proposals that are made by ITechLaw members and focus on advanced knowledge of a topic.
  • All proposals must be submitted by Monday, 12 September 2022 at 11:59 pm PT for consideration. The Planning Committee will review all submissions and notify each presenter of the status by December 2022. If you have any questions, please contact us at


  • Addressing On-Line Harms – The Approaches and Responses Internationally
  • Advising on Technology Mega-projects and Micro-projects – How To Adapt
  • Artificial Intelligence – Access to Justice and the Development of Laws
  • Artificial Intelligence – New Developments
  • Artificial Intelligence – Overcoming Bias
  • Antitrust / Anti-competition in Technology
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse
  • Autonomic Systems, Low Code and No Code 
  • Cloud Computing – New Developments, New Issues
  • Cross-border Challenges
  • Cyber-Insurance and Managing Cyber Risk
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Claims
  • Data Ethicists and Algorithmic Ethicists
  • Data Protection – Changing and New Legislation
  • Data Protection – In-depth Global Case Studies (Multiple Jurisdictions, Multiple Decisions, One Business)
  • Data Protection – Recent Developments 
  • Digital Trust – Identities, Identifiers, and Authentication 
  • Environmental, Social, Governance – The Role of Technology
  • Fighting Online Hate: The Approaches, The Tools, The Results
  • Gaming
  • Growing, Distilling, Brewing and Distribution Technology
  • Hiring and Supporting Technology Lawyers
  • Increasing the Profile of Technology Law as a Practice Area
  • Investing in the Tech Start-ups: Incubators and Angels 
  • Living Day-to-day With Civil Law and Common Law
  • Managing a Multi-platform Practice
  • Managing Disconnects Between Solutions in the Market and Compliance Needs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – How Technology Changes and Shapes Deals
  • Moving Courts and Dispute Resolution Online – Lessons Learned and Moving Forward 
  • Open Intellectual Property – What Is New?
  • Robotics – New Developments, New Issues
  • Role of Ethics in the Digital Age
  • Sports and Technology
  • Technology and Government 
  • Technology and Law Enforcement 
  • Technology Companies and Whistleblowers
  • Technology Driving Diversity and Inclusion
  • Technology, War and International Relations
  • The End of Passwords
  • The Relationship Between In-house and External Counsel
  • Understanding Hackers and Other Cyber Criminals

Additional Notes

  • Presenters are eligible for a discounted conference registration. 
  • Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in length, with up to 3 concurrent sessions.
  • ITechLaw enforces the speaker policy in place when considering the proposal submissions:
    • A speaker may not speak at two conferences in a row in a particular geography (e.g. no speaking at two World Technology Law conferences in a row). Exceptions to this rule may be allowed.
    • Planning Committee members may not act as speakers or moderators. Speakers from their firms are permissible.
    • Only one representative per firm is allowed to speak at the conference.
    • ITechLaw does not pay speaking fees to any speaker. Exceptions may apply.
    • Speakers receive a discounted rate to the member registration rate to attend the full conference. An exception is made for academic/government/in-house counsels who may attend complimentarily.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at an ITechLaw Conference! 

Submit Today! Deadline: Monday, 12 September 2022

2023 World Technology Law Conference