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FinTech Committee

The FinTech Committee is a newly launched ITechLaw Substantive Law Committee as of 2023. The mission and goals of the FinTech Committee is to facilitate the understanding, development, and advancement of legal frameworks and practices related to financial technology (fintech) on a global scale, to foster collaboration among legal professionals, industry experts, and policymakers to address the legal challenges and opportunities posed by fintech innovations, to share knowledge and to disseminate information regarding fintech legal issues, emerging technologies, and regulatory developments among committee members and the wider legal community, to monitor and analyze fintech-related regulations and legislation worldwide, to monitor and analyze the legal implications of emerging technologies in the fintech space, such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, machine learning or digital identity, to provide guidance on legal and regulatory considerations and to address legal challenges associated with cross-border fintech transactions. 

The Chair and Vice Chair positions for the FinTech Committee are being selected. If you wish to join the committee, you must be a current member of ITechLaw - please contact to express your interest in joining the committee.