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Call For Proposals

Building on the great success at the 2018 European Conference in Milan, we invite you to submit proposals to speak the 2019 European Conference in Dublin, Ireland. This conference boasts attendees from more than 40 countries and a forward-looking conversation on the most cutting-edge legal tech topics. Speaking at an ITechLaw conference is an honor, and the conference planning committee carefully considers all proposals to select the best for this year’s conference. Please see topics below and consider proposing in one of these main areas. 

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If you are selected as a presenter, you will be asked to submit materials in advance of the conference and you will receive a complimentary conference registration. The presenter should assume that all attendees have a working knowledge of the topic and should focus the presentation on the implications of the topic and what it means for lawyers in practice. Each session will be assigned a moderator and the moderator will communicate with the presenters in advance of the conference to create a cohesive panel presentation. 

You can submit your name to be a speaker or a moderator. The moderator will help set the vision for the panel (based on the topic themes identified below) and work with the speakers to ensure their content is forward-looking and cohesive. Speakers will share their views on the topic and work with the moderators and other speakers to ensure the overall session is a success. You can submit to be a speaker, a moderator, or both; please submit one proposal for each role you select.

The conference will be held at the beautiful and historic Shelbourne Hotel. Since this is a historic property, there are constraints on how many people can fit in each room rooms and ITechLaw is adapting its traditional programming format to accommodate the property. Sessions will still be 90 minutes in length, but there will be up to 4 concurrent sessions. Please keep this in mind when submitting your proposals; only the best, most engaging, and forward-looking proposals will be selected.


  • Firm and Presenter Limits:
    To maximize the overall number of views expressed during the conference, the Planning Committee will continue the practice to limit presenters to one per firm for the duration of the conference.
  • Individual Paper Submission:
    This proposal submission is intended for individual paper submissions; however, if you propose a panel you may still be considered depending upon the space available in our programming. Panel submissions with multiple presenters must not have duplicate representation from firms – see above, only one speaker per firm will be selected for the entirety of the conference.
  • Proposal Selection:
    More than 75 proposals are regularly received for consideration for each conference, so please understand that selecting panels is a difficult and highly selective process. Preference in selection will be given to proposals which are made by ITechLaw members and focus on advanced knowledge of a topic.
  • All proposals must be submitted by THIS Friday, 8 February at 11:59 pm ET for consideration. The program planning committee will review all submissions and notify each presenter of the status by June 2019. If you have any questions or difficulty, please contact us at



  1. Artificial Intelligence Topic Themes: To highlight current developments and innovation in AI across a range of sectors including financial services and healthcare and to examine the legal and ethical challenges of commercialising and using AI.
  2. BlockchainTopic Themes: Blockchain touches every country and provides an opportunity for a very global comparative discussion on how it can deliver commercial benefits and what regulatory or risk considerations are impeding adoption of blockchain.
  3. Data Protection (a)Topic Themes: How international political developments (including Brexit) and increased regulatory intervention and powers are influencing corporate decision making in relation to data protection compliance.
  4. Data Protection (b)Topic Themes: Comparative analysis of regulatory enforcement trends and developments.
  5. Legal Tech Topic Themes: How technological innovation is shaping the legal services market, new legal tech solutions, examples of successful legal service delivery transformation, and the challenges law firms face in procuring and getting value from new Legal Tech solutions.
  6. FinTech Topic Themes: The evolution of FinTech start-ups, trends in relation to collaboration with established FS institutions, and a comparative analysis for regulatory trends in fintech, particularly those to stimulate FinTech innovation.
  7. Trends in Technology Sourcing Topic Themes: The commoditization of technology lowers cost but doesn't necessary reduce risk or regulatory requirements in relation to contracting. What is trending in smart sourcing and risk management, including a comparative analysis of regulatory perspectives and consequences of big IT failures and practical lessons to learn from such failures.
  8. Cybersecurity Topic Themes: An examination of the increasing proliferation of cyber-security breaches and their sophisticated nature, and how companies can manage these risks and the related regulatory burdens.
  9. Government Cybersecurity Topic Themes: What are governments doing to manage cyber risks to key services and infrastructure including a review of EU NIS Directive.
  10. IP Dispute Resolution Topic Themes: Selecting the right forum and recent trends in IP dispute resolution.
  11. eSports/gaming Topic Themes: Examining legal developments and frameworks for supporting eSports and gaming.
  12. eMobility  Topic Themes: From e-scooters to autonomous vehicles: exploring the novel and complex issues emerging.
  13. Government Agencies Access to Data Topic Themes: Reconciling the desire for governments to access personal data held by companies including tech companies with individuals’ rights to privacy and data protection: where is the line drawn?
  14. Digital Transformation Topic Themes: A cross-sector analysis of digital transformation, case studies of successful digital transformation projects and how new legislative developments e.g. the EU Digital Single Market are shaping such projects.
  15. Export Control Topic Themes: When are software and hardware capable of military applications? Analysis of emerging trends in export control of dual use technologies.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at an ITechLaw Conference!

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2019 European Conference