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Interesting Facts about Washington State

Washington State

  • Seattle is 44th in a listing of U.S. cities by rainfall amounts and has less rain each year than New York, Boston, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia.
  • Seattleites buy more sunglasses per capita than the residents of any other city in the nation.
  • Seattle has a higher percentage of people biking to work than other U.S. cities.
  • The Seattle City Library loans more books per capita than any other city library in the nation.
  • One out of five people in the Seattle area own a boat.
  • More than 89% of Seattle residents recycle.
  • The Seattle Police Department was the first ever to sport cops on bikes.
  • July 26th is the most likely day to be sunny in Seattle.
  • Seattle has the largest movie-going population in the country.
  •  The largest section of the Berlin Wall is on display at the Seattle Center.
  • Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating independent farmer's market in the U.S., originating in 1907.
  • Seattle was the first city in the U.S. to play a Beatles song on the radio.
  • The longest and heaviest floating structure in the world is the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR-520). The bridge connects Seattle and Medina across Lake Washington.
  • Inventions in the Pacific Northwest include water skis, Slinky Pull Toy, Pictionary, Elmer’s Glue and electric guitar. 
  • Washington State has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.
  • The world's first espresso cart was established below the Seattle Monorail terminal at Westlake Center in 1980.
  • The 2001 Seattle Mariners won 116 games tying the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the most games won in a season.
  • Everett is the site of the world's largest building, Boeing’s final assembly plant.
  • When the Space Needle was built in 1962 it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. It is fastened to its foundation with 72 bolts, each 30 feet in length.
  • Washington State produces more apples than any other state in the union.
  • Puget Sound’s many islands are served by the largest ferry fleet in the United States.

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