2012 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting

May 3–4, 2012 • The Ritz-Carlton • Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


Takanori Abe
Managing Partner, ABE Law & Patent Firm; Osaka, Japan

Mr. Abe is an Attorney-at-Law, admitted in both Japan and New York. He is currently a Guest Professor of Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and a Lecturer of The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine.

Mr. Abe's practice areas include: Dispute Resolution; Intellectual Property and International Commerce, etc. He has extensive experience on representing and advising multinational and domestic clients in IT industry on their multi-jurisdictional litigations and the dispute matters in parallel proceedings in Japan, the various states of the U.S. (Texas, California, Delaware, New York, Washington D.C., etc.), Asia Pacific Countries and Europe. He is an arbitrator in Japan and sit on various positions in Japanese medical/pharmaceutical societies.

Mr. Abe is a frequent speaker and author to various industrial media and forums. He is also being interviewed by notable journals and magazines concerned with intellectual property law and business. For Mr. Abe’s winning judgments, detail information and activities, please visit www.abe-law.com or email to: abe@abe-law.com.


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