ITechLaw 2011 European Conference

Oslo, Norway • Grand Hotel Oslo • 20-21 October 2011


Bjørn Erik Thon
Commissioner and General Director, Data Inspectorate; Oslo, Norway

Bjørn Erik Thon served as the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman for 10 years before his appointment to the Data Inspectorate. He has also worked as a barrister and a law deputy, and for three years he was head of section in the Consumer council. In addition to this, he was involved in politics for several years.

Mr. Thon has been engaged in international issues for many years. He was a member of the European Consumer Law Group, and wrote the reports Consumer Transactions on the Internet and Group Action in the European Community. He was an active member of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN). For several years, he was also a member of the Legal Steering Committee in the Nordic Council of Ministers and he has directed several Nordic projects.

Mr. Thon has published several books. In 2006 he wrote Forbrukerjungelboka ("The Consumer Jungle Book"); a consumer guide. He has been co author of a book on consumer contracting. He has also published three crime novels, and he has been a columnist in several newspapers and magazines.

Mr. Thon has been a member of several governmental committees, including the Sanction committee and the Data-crime committee. He has also been a member of the Telemarketing Complaint board and the Norwegian Arbitration court.








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