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Dr. Oliver M. Habel

Owner, teclegal Hable Rae; Munich

Oliver Habel specializes in German and international commercial law, especially for the IT/e-commerce, mechanical engineering and plant construction, intra logistics and medical technology industries. An important part of his professional work consists of drafting and negotiating contracts for international trade, for example purchasing and licensing agreements, project and OEM contracts and R&D partnership agreements, especially for international contractual situations.

His clients include national and international companies, as well as start-ups. He spends almost half his time advising on international legal cases. Dr. Habel handles cases involving disputed IT projects, sales contracts and product liability law. Data protection issues, e.g. intercompany exchange of employee data or order data processing, Safe Harbor, and EC Standard Contractual Clauses, are also an important area of his work.

Dr. Habel publishes specialist articles on e.g. contract drafting, new Internet business models, advertising in the Internet, data protection in legal books and magazines. He is a member of the International Technology Law Association (former member of the Board of Directors), the German Association for Law and Information Technology, the German Institute of Arbitration, the German Bar Association and IAPP (International Association of Privacy Practitioners).