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Joren De Wachter

Independent IP Strategist; Brussels

Joren De Wachter is an independent IP strategist. He advises businesses and investors on how to generate more value from their Intellectual Capital. He focuses on software and IT, Internet, content and new media.

As one of the first independent actors in the field of IP strategy, Mr. De Wachter helps investors and businesses understand what their IP is, and how they can use it better in their business. He also advises on Open Innovation and Open Source, and their impact on the creation of business value. He defines IP as “a tool to bring innovation to market, and to scale it to new markets.”

Mr. De Wachter recently published his first book “The Wealth of Ideas,” and gave a very well-received presentation at TEDx Leuven called “Is IP a thought crime?” He is also an expert in business models around 3D printing.

Qualified as a lawyer in civil and common law jurisdictions, he has extensive experience in international software businesses. Mr. De Wachter speaks fluent Dutch, English and French.