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Stojan Arnerstål

Specialist Counsel, Von Lode Advokat; Stockholm

Stojan Arnerstål is a specialist counsel at Von Lode Advokat in Stockholm, Sweden. He focuses on intellectual property law, contract law and IT law. In addition to his work as a counsel, he has recently finalized and published his doctoral dissertation “Trademarks as Objects of Contractual Arrangements” for the degree of LL.D from Uppsala University. The dissertation examines which impact a trademark as such – with its characteristics and meaning – has for the obligations arising out of a contractual relationship. Dr. Arnerstål is currently leading a research program at the Academy of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMC) in Uppsala. The research program deals with contracting of digital content in the European market.

Dr. Arnerstål teaches law at the universities in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden. He frequently speaks and publishes articles on various IP and contracting issues.