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India Student Award 2018

Deadline to apply: 7 January 2018
Submit paper to:

Background and Nature of the Award

The International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw) with the assistance and support of sponsoring law firms, is pleased announce the ITechLaw India Student Award 2018 (Award). The Award aims to provide up to two law students with the opportunity to present papers written by them at the 2018 ITechLaw International India Conference at Bangalore (India Conference). Selected students will also be entitled to attend the India Conference and will receive the opportunity to intern with some of the technology law firms in India, who are the sponsors of the India Conference.

ITechLaw's objective is to promote thought and dialogue on the interplay between law and technology for the next generation of legal minds by providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their legal and analytical abilities, and to give them an opportunity to experience the practice of technology law with some of India’s top technology law firms.

How the Award Works (Rules of the Award)

  1. Each participant in the Award contest must write and submit a paper on a topic of their choosing that is relevant to the theme “Fourth Industrial Revolution - The Road Ahead for India” and the interplay between law and technology.
  2. The paper should be no longer than 2,000 words, including annotations and/or footnotes.
  3. The paper must be submitted to ITechLaw at the email address The paper must be accompanied by a covering email providing the following details:
    1. Name of the applicant
    2. University
    3. Country
    4. Course
    5. Expected year of graduation
    6. Confirmation that the applicant has gone over these terms and is agreeable to them
  4. Awardees will be responsible for obtaining consents (where required) from their respective campus administration, recruitment or placement committees permitting them to intern with the firms intimated by ITechLaw.
  5. At this time, it is intended that the first 50 papers, validly submitted until 1 January 2018 (Applications) will be considered by the Award Jury (Award Jury). Any additional submissions will not be entitled to be considered except at the sole discretion of the Award Jury. The Award Jury may, in its sole discretion may award less than two (2), or no Awards at all.
  6. From the Applications received, the Award Jury will select up to two (2) grantees of the Award. The Award Jury will consist of five (5) members, including, in particular, representatives of the sponsors of the Award. The Award will be based on an evaluation of the candidates’ papers. The criterion and manner of such evaluation will be at the sole discretion of the Award Jury and ITechLaw. The applicant will be intimated of their selection on the email address from which they had sent their paper. If the applicant does not respond confirming their acceptance of such selection within seven (7) days of such intimation, the applicant will be considered to have rejected the offer of the Award Jury and the Award Jury will select another candidate.
  7. The decisions of the Award Jury will be final and binding on all applicants. The Award Jury will not be required to justify its evaluation of Applications or provide reasons for its decisions for any reasons whatsoever.

 Who is Eligible for participating in the Award?

To be eligible, the candidate must be:

  1. A student undergoing a course of study in law in a degree program at a university (whether in India or outside India) of no greater than Postgraduate (Masters) level.
  2. Willing and able (subject to an absence due to force majeure) to attend the India Conference in Bangalore between the dates of 31 January 2018 and 2 February 2018 and the presentation of the ITechLaw Student Awards on 2 February 2018 or such other date between 31 January 2018 and 2 February2018 (both inclusive) as may be intimated, to present their paper at the presentation, if selected as a recipient of the Award.
  3. Willing to intern with the firms intimated by ITechLaw. The period of internship (usually 3 to 6 weeks) will be intimated by the firms. The internship will be governed to the reasonable rules and policies of the law firms offering the internship.
  4. Willing to bear the costs such as that of travel, food and accommodation in Bangalore during the dates of the India Conference and the internship.
  5. Willing to present the paper at the India Conference after clearance by ITechLaw.


Participants should take note of the following:

  1. All submitted papers have to be original. Plagiarism or copying (including the usage of concepts, ideas, or content without adequate acknowledgement) would lead to immediate disqualification. All sources and authorities must be acknowledged through footnotes.
  2. Submitted papers must not have been published previously and must not be offered for publication in any other medium until the Award is announced.
  3. All submissions must conform to a uniform style of citation.
  4. All papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format.
  5. Submission emails should be sent with the subject line ITechLaw Student Award: Author_LastName_FirstName.
  6. The recipient of the Award must not accept any other internship or occupation with organizations, companies or law firms during the period he/she is interning with the selected sponsor firm.
  7. Upon successful selection for the Award and completion of presentation of their paper, the Award recipient will be entitled to receive an Award Certification.
  8. Once the paper is selected for the Award, Applicants grant to ITechLaw an irrevocable, exclusive, world-wide, perpetual, royalty free license to publish, reproduce, modify, and translate the papers or any derivative works thereof. In the event the Applicant decides to publish the paper in substantially the same form in another publication (whether online or otherwise), the Applicant shall seek the prior permission of ITechLaw before doing so.
  9. ITechLaw may amend the terms of this Award at any time
  10. By submitting their paper for consideration, Applicants agree to these terms and conditions, irrespective of their confirmation or lack thereof in their covering email.
  11. In case of a dispute, the decision of the Award Jury will be final.


The Participants acknowledge that the Award may be partially or fully withdrawn/terminated due to circumstances beyond the control of the Conference organizers including, without limitation, cancellation or modification of the Conference schedule, Award or other Force Majeure circumstances.

The Participant acknowledges that the opportunity to make an Application, and the Award,  is being provided free of any charge to all eligible students and that making an Application will not result in any right to be awarded, considered for the Award, or to be evaluated on specific criteria of any nature whatsoever.

None of ITechLaw, the sponsors, participating law firms, the Award Jury, the International India Conference or the organizers or participants thereof may be held accountable for any claims whether direct or consequential, monetary or otherwise, whether for breach of any implied or express contractual obligations, or in tort, or otherwise, by any participant, or any other person in relation to the Award contest. It is expressly agreed by the participant that he/she hereby understands and agrees to this disclaimer by applying for the Award.

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