International Visiting Associate Program (IVAP)

Report by Kirshna Jhala, 2011

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Ursula Widmer for inviting me to become a part of the ITech Law Travelling Fellowship Program 2011 along with the winner Mr. Nikhil Narendran.

It was everything I could have asked for and more. Dr. Widmer along with Dr. Axel Funk, Mr. Don McAleese, Mr. Fredrick Roos, Mr. Bradley Joslove and Dr. Wolfgang Büchner graciously bestowed this great opportunity upon me.

I got a chance to visit six law firms at six different cities across Europe. The Travelling Fellowship Program was a fairly balanced program in terms of working with the law firms and touring around the city.

I began the fellowship program with Franklin Attorneys At Law, Paris, where I interned under Mr. Bradley Joslove and Ms. Meghna Prakash (who also very kindly accommodated me at her house). I got the opportunity to write an article on ‘Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011’ and its repercussions on the foreign players as well as a newsletter article on ‘Outsourcing in India’. I also had an interesting opportunity to attend the meeting organized by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France India, which indeed became the highlight of my internship with Franklin.  With ample time for interacting with other associates in the firm along with sightseeing and exploring the city, I had the one of the best times thanks to Franklin, Paris.

In my second week of internship at Matheson Ormsby Prentice (MOP), Dublin, I was joined by Mr. Nikhil Narendran. Being a part of Mr. Don McAlsee’s team Nikhil and me collectively wrote an article on ‘Cloud computing’.  Ialso wrote an article on ‘Ecommerce Taxation’ for the tax team of the firm. The firm had arranged a visit to the different courts in Dublin including the High Court, District Court and Criminal Court where we also got an opportunity to watch the proceedings. I interacted extensively with MOP’s Business Development Team where we exchanged views and covered all aspects of work which in return proved to be valuable. I am very glad that I got to experience the work culture at MOP which was strikingly impressive. Overall, I had a fabulous time in Dublin working with MOP and visiting the much talked about Guinness Brewery.

At Setterwalls, Goteborg, interning in Mr. Fredrick Roos’s team turned out to be a truly knowledgeable experience. I had an interesting opportunity to review the ‘Key Finding Report’ in view of intellectual property rights and thereafter provide my inputs on the same. Nikhil and I had the occasion to conduct a presentation on ‘Working as a lawyer in India’ covering all aspects of law including the legal education, law universities present in India etc. One of the associates was kind enough to take us around the various tourists’ sites in and around the city. After which a retreat to Liseberg, a theme park in Goteborg was arranged for the entire TMT team of the firm turning it into a very enjoyable evening and also a great chance to meet and interact with the Associates outside the law firm environment.

Dr. Axel Funk welcomed Nikhil and me in Stuttgart and after a thorough tour of the city and nearby places including Mercedes Benz Museum, Tubingen and Riedlingen we started our internship at CMS Hasche Sigle. I had the privilege to write an article on ‘Legal Process Outsourcing in India’ for the firm’s newsletter.  We also gave a presentation on ‘Becoming a Lawyer in India’ to about 30-35 lawyers of the firm. We thoroughly interacted with the Associates of TMT team at CMS Hasche Sigle.

At Dr. Widmer & Partners I had the most memorable experience both in terms of work at the law firm as well as touring in and around Berne. Nikhil and I collectively made a presentation on ‘Doing Business in India’ largely covering and working with Indian Railways. Here I wrote an article on ‘Overview of the Indian Legal System’. We got a marvelous opportunity to attend the annual general meeting of Swiss Indo Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, followed by networking lunch. Dr. Widmer had very meticulously arranged for various sightseeing tours in the city including hiking to the Alps with a few of the Associates of the firm.  We toured the city of Interlakern and Gstaad which happen to be my personal and visiting the Gruyeres. Interning at Dr. Widmer & Partners turned out to be a valuable experience and no amount of words are enough to thank Dr. Widmer for her generosity and care.

And finally, in my last week at Hogan Lovells, I prepared a note for Dr. Wolfgang on joint venture in India. I was also given the opportunity to draft a technology transfer agreement for development, manufacture and supply of set top boxes. A lovely farewell party was arranged for us by the entire TMT team towards the end of the internship.

I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Ursula Widmer, Mr. Sajai Singh, ITech Law Association, members of ITechLaw’s Executive Committee & Chair of the TFA program India and Europe.