International Visiting Associate Program (IVAP)

The International Visiting Associate Program (IVAP) is an ongoing ITechLaw Committee-run program that provides important business benefits to existing member law firms, offering a unique cross-cultural experience for IT and telecom law lawyers. The IVAP Committee is an excellent way to become actively involved with ITechLaw, sending your lawyers to another law firm for 4 to 10 weeks to gain experience professionally and socially, and to network with other practitioners.

Committee Chairs
Ursula Widmer (Chair) contact  
Axel Funk (Vice Chair, EU) contact
Sajai Singh (Vice Chair, Asia) contact

About the Traveling Fellowship Award
The Traveling Fellowship Award introduces an Indian lawyer to the different legal systems in the field of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) law, which has a steadily increasing cross border dimension, and to allow the recipients of the Awards to experience at first-hand how ICT law is practiced in these jurisdictions. To this end, the Award winner visits four law firms in Europe and the US for a period of eight weeks.

ITechLaw hopes that this will enable the Award winners to return to India and apply the experience gained in Europe and the US to his or her home jurisdictions, and use the knowledge acquired to educate other lawyers practicing in India on the current key issues emerging as a consequence of the explosive growth of the ICT business.

By creating this opportunity for two Indian lawyers to learn about ICT law in Europe and the US, through practical insights in law firms, ITechLaw also hopes to expand across the globe its network of ICT lawyers who are committed to the development of ICT law in their respective legal systems, and to make a contribution to a better legal and cultural understanding between Indian and European lawyers as well as lawyers in the US, which is the basis for a prosperous and efficient professional working relationship between lawyers in different jurisdictions.

Traveling Fellowship Award Winner Reports

2011 – Nikhil Narendran  and Krishna Jhala
2010 – Himanshu Khare
2009 – Talha Salaria
2008 – Vineet Subramani
2006 – Sunita Jagtiani
2005 – Latha Nair