Committee Leadership Nominations - Currently Open

Nominations due in Summer

ITechLaw is accepts nominations annually for all of our Association's Committees. All ITechLaw members are encouraged to participate in this process.

Each year we expect the number of highly qualified applicants will far exceed the number of positions available. We must choose among many highly qualified individuals, and balance many factors when making appointments, including the applicant's substantive background, as well as the geographic and demographic diversity of the Association. If you, or the person you nominate, do not receive an appointment this year, I hope you will understand the constraints we are working under and consider reapplying in the future.

All Association members are eligible for appointment. The deadline for all submissions is in Summer each year. To nominate yourself or another member, please fill out the survey once nomination period is open. We offer the following suggestions to members who are interested in making an application nomination:

  • Focus on your or your nominee’s true interest. If you are applying on your own behalf or for another, a better fit between the Association’s needs and the applicant’s talents will be achieved if we know the candidate’s strong interests.
  • Tell us about your or your nominee’s relevant experience. A proven record of volunteer work and leadership in the organization or other organized bar associations is not required, but will enhance the nominee’s application. For an appointment that concerns a substantive area of law, previous committee participation and strong practical experience in that area is desirable. When applying for more than one committee appointment, be sure to send a separate nomination for each position, and provide only background experience relevant to the specific application.
  • Tell us about your or your nominee’s commitment to ITechLaw. As a volunteer organization, ITechLaw must rely on its members and their firms’ commitment to the organization. Leadership in the organization requires significant time commitment to attend ITechLaw’s conferences and organize committee activities. Please indicate the extent of your ability to lead committee activities and your ideas for the committee.
  • Request what your or your nominee care about. If experience to date does not rise to the level of the nominee’s ambition, please give us reasons for considering the appointment nonetheless. If we are unable to make the appointment requested, we will do our best to direct you or your nominee to an appointment or other opportunity commensurate with current experience and interests, and one that may help the nominee progress toward a future appointment.
  • Indicate alternative choices. Feel free to apply or nominate a member for more than one appointment. Let us know of at least one alternate in the event that we are unable to accommodate the first choice. The “one appointment” rule will be followed with all appointments, but alternate choices increase the chance of receiving one appointment.
  • Tell us about yourself or your nominee. Please let us know a little bit about yourself or your nominee. We will read whatever you write.
  • Distinguish yourself or your nominee. The appointments process is an opportunity to encourage participation in the Association’s leadership by a wide diversity of members. If appointing you or your nominee will make the Association more inclusive, or provide unusual but useful experience or perspective, please indicate such facts in the application/nominations.

We look forward to hearing from you, and please contact ITechLaw Member Services with any questions.