Rajiv Patel
Partner, Fenwick & West LLP; Silicon Valley, U.S.

Rajiv Patel is a partner in the Intellectual Property/Patent Group at Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley, California.  He has a patent-centric practice (prosecution, licensing, and litigation (including reexamination).  Mr. Patel’s industry focus includes wireless communications, media processing and delivery, and electronic commerce.  He also serves as a patent evaluation for various patent pools and standards in the signal processing space, including G.711, G.729.1, G.722, AMR-WB, AMR-WB+ and AMR-NB.  More recently, he has been active in cleantech related projects that include technology and patent portfolio analysis. 

Mr. Patel is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Engineering and Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, NH.