Kristian Foss
Partner, Rohde Garder; Oslo, Norway

Kristian Foss has practiced IT law since 1997 with a particular focus on open source licensing, copyrights, trademarks, outsourcing and delivery contracts within the fields of IT and industry deliveries. Before he joined the leading Norwegian law firm Haavind where he headed the ITC group, he practiced as internal counsel for EDB Business partner, one the largest IT firms in Scandinavia.

The last few years Mr. Foss has lectured extensively on open source related topics and contract law and written articles on the topic. He assists the Norwegian National Competence Centre for Free Software and gives public and private clients advice on open source licensing. Mr. Foss hold seats on the board of several technology firms and takes part in various open source forums. A substantial proportion of his practice is English based and for international clients.