Jeremy Morton
Partner, Fasken Martineau; London, UK

Jeremy Morton is a partner in Fasken Martineau and advises on all aspects of intellectual property including patents, copyright, trade marks and confidentiality, as well as related areas such as data protection law. He represents clients in intellectual property litigation as well as transactional and advisory roles, and has acted for many of the world's largest technology companies in addition to numerous start-ups and SMEs. Clients have included well-known consumer electronics manufacturers, infrastructure providers, telcos, database businesses and mobile banking providers, as well as suppliers of IT services in areas including content management, search engines, CRM and spam filtering.

Mr. Morton has also advised clients on intellectual property, data protection and e-commerce issues in various other industries, including banking, healthcare and defence.

In addition to broad experience, Mr. Morton has experience in specialised areas of intellectual property relating to technology industries, such as:

  • EU border detention in patent infringement disputes
  • patents and technical standards, including disputes over the 'essentiality' of patents to standards
  • advising on the defence of claims brought by patent 'trolls'
  • employees' intellectual property, including protecting intellectual property and confidential information against misuse by staff
  • digital copyright topics (for example, format shifting, copyright levies and liability of service providers).

Mr. Morton is a frequent public speaker and is often quoted by both the trade press and national newspapers on IP matters. He has written extensively on IP topics for the specialist press.