2010 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting

May 20–21, 2010 • Boston, Massachusetts, USA • The Charles Hotel


John S. Lipsey
Vice President, Corporate Counsel Services, LexisNexis; Los Angeles CA

Mr. Lipsey is vice president of corporate counsel services for LexisNexis, and is a member of the management team transforming Martindale-Hubbell in a Web 2.0 world.  He is responsible for ensuring that Martindale-Hubbell’s product and go-to-market strategy are aligned with the needs of the corporate counsel community.  He also works with in-house legal departments to help them plan and execute their social media strategies.  He is a frequent speaker on the topics of professional networking for lawyers, the business application of Web 2.0 technology, and the inside-outside counsel relationship.

In previous roles, Mr. Lipsey served as senior director of corporate communications for LexisNexis’ Client Development solutions line, and as senior director of corporate communications and marketing director for Chicago-based Interface Software.  Prior to that he ran the marketing and corporate communications functions for the Chicago-based software company, MRC Ltd.  Previously, Mr. Lipsey practiced corporate and intellectual property law with a private firm in Washington DC. 

He attended the American University, Washington College of Law, where he earned his JD with honors.